Start to grow in a sustained way

We created a web-based SaaS tool that helps businesses to control their growth through compliance. It combines sustainable and sustained best-practices to get you right where you want to go.

Compliance made easy

We know norms might sound abstract sometimes. This is why it is picky to apply them in your organisation and, even more difficult to maintain your compliance on the long run.


➡️ Newton will ensure it for you.

Prove your due diligence

Promises and glorious expressions of goodwill are sometimes hard to demonstrate. In fact, due-diligence can be complex to prove on a daily basis. With our real-time demonstration of your genuine intentions and actions, lovers gonna love.


➡️ Let’s demonstrate the effectiveness of your actions.

We connect to the tools you already use

Don’t worry about implementing a new solution. We create your real-time dashboard directly into your environment.


➡️ Adaptation time : 0 day

Digest snapshots

Whether you need to present key facts to your investors or partners, this will help you. Indeed, you will love to access to an up-to-date deck report to define your next steps.


➡️ Key facts beautifully presented, nada mas

Tailored programmes

To help you implement best-practices in your organisation, our consultants accompany you with programmes that correspond to the desired sustained growth level.


Ultra short programme to see the status

Minimum Viable Responsability

A punch programme to get back on track


A permanent programme for lasting results